NL: (logfile description leeg)
Hi Marianne, 

Bedankt voor het versturen van de logfile. 

Echter is helaas de comment field van de issue leeg. Hierdoor kan ik niet exact achterhalen wat het probleem is. 

Zou jij kunnen uitleggen wat de issue was?

Alvast bedankt.

ENG: (logfile description empty)


Thank you very much for sending the logfile.

However, the comment field is empty therefore I cannot specifically identify the issue.
Can you describe what the issue was?

That way I can perhaps find what caused the problem.

Thank you in advance.

ENG: (iOS is old version)



Thank you for emailing us your logfile. 

In the logfile I am able to see that you have an outdated iOS version. 

Please update your iOS to the newest version and the issue should be solved. 

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us. 

I wish you a great day.