Steps to check for printer

1. Please go to the XPrintServer app 

2. Click on the blue text ‘xPrintServers’ on top left

3. Find Printer 

4. (If you see the printer follow the next steps, if not please read below the ‘Steps to take if you have no printer in xPrintServer’)

5. Click on Printer 

6. Check Version, this should be

Then, if version is older:

1. Click on Admin 

2. Enter as username: admin password: PASS

3. Click on Firmware Update

4. Click on Alterneta 

5. Enter: Beta761

6. Click Update

Afterwards, please check if it was correctly updated:

1. Click on printer

2. Check Version, this should be

3. Test the printer by clicking on the square icon with arrow 

4. Click Print

Steps to take if you have no printer in xPrintServer: 

1. Please go to the white xprint server next to printer

2. Please take out the black cable and count to 10

3. Place the black cable back

4. Follow ‘Steps to check for printer’ 

5. If not found, open the white xprint server with a flathead screwdriver 

6. Find small reset button (grey field with a small white button)

7. Click reset button and hold 10 seconds

8. Follow ‘Steps to check for printer’