For the Lookbook, you will need to make an excel or Google sheet that is build up like this. I will attach a sheet if you fill this in we can import it.

Group field: In the field group, fill in a group name what you fill in is your own preference this will be visible in the app.

SubGroup: The subgroup is a group within the Group if this field is filled in you will be able to navigate to the main group and then to the subgroup. 

main image URL: This a Url that indicates where the images are stored the first part of the link for you will look like this. follow up the URL with the different folders the images are in after every folder put a / symbol note that this is case sensitive.

extraImageUrl1,2,3: These image URLs are only used for the showroom you can use the same URL as in mainimage but change the last part to the image name of the image you want to use. 

Product: Fill in the Unique Id of the product followed up by the color code example 1456_004. You can add as many products as needed in the sheet attach you can add 6 products to one image.

After u filled all of this in export this file to CSV and then import it to the backend by going to the collection you want to use the lookbook for. Under advanced click on import lookbook from CSV. And copy-paste your CSV file into the csvdata field. This is how you make the lookbook if you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.